ServerListProxyModel Class Reference
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void additionalSortColumnsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 ServerListProxyModel (ServerListHandler *serverListHandler)
void addAdditionalColumnSorting (int column, Qt::SortOrder order)
const QList< ColumnSort > & additionalSortColumns () const
void clearAdditionalSorting ()
const ServerListFilterInfofilterInfo () const
bool isAnyColumnSortedAdditionally () const
bool isSortingAdditionallyByColumn (int column) const
void removeAdditionalColumnSorting (int column)
void setAdditionalSortColumns (const QList< ColumnSort > &columns)
void setFilterInfo (const ServerListFilterInfo &filterInfo)
 Sets new filter info and immediately calls invalidate() More...
void setGroupServersWithPlayersAtTop (bool b)
void sortServers (int column, Qt::SortOrder order=Qt::AscendingOrder)

Protected Member Functions

bool filterAcceptsRow (int sourceRow, const QModelIndex &sourceParent) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file serverlistproxymodel.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ServerListProxyModel::filterAcceptsRow ( int  sourceRow,
const QModelIndex &  sourceParent 
) const

Overloaded method that will filter out rows basing on pFilterInfo.

Definition at line 167 of file serverlistproxymodel.cpp.

void ServerListProxyModel::setFilterInfo ( const ServerListFilterInfo filterInfo)

Sets new filter info and immediately calls invalidate()

Definition at line 378 of file serverlistproxymodel.cpp.

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