Latest Version: 1.4.1 (March 12, 2023)

A Universal Browser

Doomseeker is a cross-platform server browser for Doom. The goal of Doomseeker is to provide a smooth, consistant experience for Doom players regardless of port or platform. Doomseeker provides support for Chocolate Doom, Odamex, Q-Zandronum and Zandronum. With its plugin system support for even more can be added.

Using the Qt Toolkit, Doomseeker can run on wide variety of platforms including Linux, macOS, and Windows. In addition the browser is open source and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.

The Fastest Way to Play Doom

One feature that sets Doomseeker aside from most alternatives is its speed. Over 200 servers can be queried in about 2 seconds. Doomseeker ensures that you do not need to wait to get in the game. Just start up and play.