Download Doomseeker 1.2

Operating System:

Doomseeker Source

Note that for plugin updates you will need to download adformentioned source from our repository, compile, and install just the shared object files over your 0.8.1b installation.

Specific compilation instructions and dependency information can be found on our Mercurial page.

Source code has been signed by Braden Obrzut and can be verified against the public key with the following fingerprint:

pub   rsa2048/AF88540B 2012-05-08 Braden Obrzut <>
      Key fingerprint = 0D8F 900A B77B B504 F2C6  9E7A 3922 03AB AF88 540B

Wadseeker Source

The Wadseeker 1.2 source is also included within the Doomseeker source download.

Old Versions

If you are looking for an older release of Doomseeker then you can browse the files directory listing.