ServerListFilterInfo Class Reference

Structure describing server filter. More...

#include <serverlistfilterinfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 ServerListFilterInfo (const ServerListFilterInfo &other)
bool isFilteringAnything () const
 Informs if filter will apply to any server. More...
ServerListFilterInfooperator= (const ServerListFilterInfo &other)
QString toString () const

Public Attributes

bool bEnabled
bool bShowEmpty
bool bShowFull
bool bShowOnlyValid
QStringList gameModes
QStringList gameModesExcluded
unsigned maxPing
 Maximum allowed ping. More...
QString serverName
QStringList wads
QStringList wadsExcluded

Detailed Description

Structure describing server filter.

Definition at line 32 of file serverlistfilterinfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ServerListFilterInfo::isFilteringAnything ( ) const

Informs if filter will apply to any server.

true is returned if this filter will cause servers to become hidden from the server table, false if filter will never apply to any server.

Definition at line 62 of file serverlistfilterinfo.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned ServerListFilterInfo::maxPing

Maximum allowed ping.

The default value is 0 and it means that ping filter is disabled.

Definition at line 48 of file serverlistfilterinfo.h.

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