ServerListHandler Class Reference
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Public Slots

void applyFilter (const ServerListFilterInfo &filterInfo)
void cleanUp ()
void lookupHosts ()
 Looks up hosts for all available servers. More...
void redraw ()
void refreshAll ()
void refreshSelected ()
void serverBegunRefreshing (const ServerPtr &server)
void serverUpdated (const ServerPtr &server, int response)
void setCountryFlagsIfNotPresent ()
 Sets country flags for servers that don't have flags present yet. More...
void setGroupServersWithPlayersAtTop (bool b)
void tableMiddleClicked (const QModelIndex &index, const QPoint &cursorPosition)
void tableRightClicked (const QModelIndex &index, const QPoint &cursorPosition)
void updateCountryFlags ()
void updateSearch (const QString &search)


void displayServerJoinCommandLine (const ServerPtr &)
void findMissingWADs (const ServerPtr &)
void serverDoubleClicked (const ServerPtr &)
void serverFilterModified (const ServerListFilterInfo &filter)
void serverInfoUpdated (const ServerPtr &)
 Emitted every time when a server info is updated through serverUpdated() More...
void serversSelected (QList< ServerPtr > &)

Public Member Functions

 ServerListHandler (ServerListView *serverTable, QWidget *pMainWindow)
void cleanUpForce ()
void clearTable ()
QWidget * getMainWindow ()
bool hasAtLeastOneServer () const
bool isAnyColumnSortedAdditionally () const
bool isSortingAdditionallyByColumn (int column) const
bool isSortingByColumn (int columnIndex)
QList< ServerPtr > selectedServers ()
ServerPtr serverFromIndex (const QModelIndex &)
ServerListModelserverModel ()
ServerListViewserverTable ()

Protected Slots

void columnHeaderClicked (int)
 Handles column sorting. More...
void doubleClicked (const QModelIndex &)
void itemSelected (const QItemSelection &)
void modelCleared ()
void mouseEntered (const QModelIndex &)

Protected Member Functions

bool areColumnsWidthsSettingsChanged ()
void connectTableModelProxySlots ()
QString createIwadToolTip (ServerPtr server)
ServerListModelcreateModel ()
QString createPlayersToolTip (ServerCPtr server)
QString createPortToolTip (ServerCPtr server)
QString createPwadsToolTip (ServerPtr server)
QString createPwadToolTipInfo (const PWad &pwad, const ServerPtr &server)
QString createServerNameToolTip (ServerCPtr server)
ServerListProxyModelcreateSortingProxy (ServerListModel *serverListModel)
Qt::SortOrder getColumnDefaultSortOrder (int columnId)
void initCleanerTimer ()
void prepareServerTable ()
void saveColumnsWidthsSettings ()
void setupTableColumnWidths ()
void setupTableProperties (QSortFilterProxyModel *tableModel)
Qt::SortOrder swapCurrentSortOrder ()
void updateCountryFlags (bool force)

Protected Attributes

QTimer cleanerTimer
QWidget * mainWindow
bool needsCleaning
int sortIndex
Qt::SortOrder sortOrder

Static Protected Attributes

static const QString FONT_COLOR_FOUND = "#009f00"
static const QString FONT_COLOR_MISSING = "#ff0000"
static const QString FONT_COLOR_OPTIONAL = "#ff9f00"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file serverlist.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ServerListHandler::columnHeaderClicked ( int  index)

Handles column sorting.

Definition at line 132 of file serverlist.cpp.

void ServerListHandler::displayServerJoinCommandLine ( const ServerPtr &  )

Emitted when a request for join command line show is called.

void ServerListHandler::findMissingWADs ( const ServerPtr &  )

Request to force missing wads to be searched for (including optionals).

void ServerListHandler::lookupHosts ( )

Looks up hosts for all available servers.

Definition at line 506 of file serverlist.cpp.

void ServerListHandler::serverInfoUpdated ( const ServerPtr &  )

Emitted every time when a server info is updated through serverUpdated()

void ServerListHandler::setCountryFlagsIfNotPresent ( )

Sets country flags for servers that don't have flags present yet.

Definition at line 663 of file serverlist.cpp.

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