ServerListContextMenu Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  Result {
  DataCopied, Join, OpenRemoteConsole, OpenURL,
  Refresh, ShowJoinCommandLine, SortAdditionallyAscending, SortAdditionallyDescending,
  ClearAdditionalSorting, RemoveAdditionalSortingForColumn, FindMissingWADs, NothingHappened


void aboutToHide ()
void triggered (QAction *action)

Public Member Functions

 ServerListContextMenu (ServerPtr server, const ServerListFilterInfo &filter, const QModelIndex &modelIndex, ServerListHandler *parent)
const QModelIndex & modelIndex () const
void popup (const QPoint &point)
ServerPtr server () const
const ServerListFilterInfoserverFilter () const
Result translateQMenuResult (QAction *resultAction)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file serverlistcontextmenu.h.

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This is returned when something was copied to clipboard.


This is returned upon cancel.

Definition at line 44 of file serverlistcontextmenu.h.

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