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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CApplicationProgram central hub of information
 CAutoUpdaterDeals with program updates/upgrades
 CCaseInsensitiveFSFileSeekerFor case-insensitive file systems (like NTFS)
 CCaseSensitiveFSFileSeekerFor case-sensitive file systems (like ext)
 CColorButtonA button widget designed to select a color
 CComboBoxExConvenience methods for combo box
 CCommandLineClass used for manipulating command line as it should appear in shell or cmd prompt
 CCommandLineInfoStructure holding parameters for application launch
 CCommandLineTokenizerSplits command line into separate arguments in a manner appropriate for current OS
 CConfigPageBase class for configuration pages
 CCreateServerDialogDialog window allowing user to host a game
 CCreateServerDialogApiPlugin proxy for CreateServerDialog
 CCreateServerDialogPageBase class to be used by plugins to define custom pages in Create Game dialog
 CDataPathsRepresents directories used by Doomseeker to store data
 CDataStreamOperatorWrapperWraps around QDataStream stream operators to provide cleaner reading interface
 CDemoManagerDlgDialog for managing demos recorded through Doomseeker
 CDMFlagA game setting that is a part of a group of settings that can be OR'ed logically as a single integer
 CDMFlagsSectionA group of DMFlag objects that can be safely OR'ed together to form a meaningful value
 CDndFileSystemListViewThis widget is aware of files and directories drag'n'drop from external programs
 CDoomseekerConfigThis Singleton holds entire Doomseeker configuration in memory
 CDoomseekerFilePathsStatic class responsible for retrieving paths to data files used by Doomseeker
 CEngineConfigPageBase for configuration pages for plugins; provides some default behavior
 CExeFileAccess to external program executables (game clients, servers, and so on)
 CExeFilePathA simple executable path & working dir structure
 CFontButtonA button widget designed to select a font
 CGameClientRunnerCreates command line that launches the client executable of the game and connects it to a server
 CGameCreateParamsGame parametrization data used when creating new games
 CGameCVarA general game setting or variable (like fraglimit)
 CGameCVarProviderCreates GameCVar set
 CGameExeFactoryReturns executable file retrievers from plugins to Doomseeker
 CGameExeRetrieverA convenience wrapper class for GameExeFactory
 CGameFileGame file definition allows to browse this file in configuration box
 CGameFileListGameFile collection
 CGameHostCreates game servers, offline games or demo playbacks
 CGameModeGame mode representation
 CImportantMessagesWidgetA self-scaling widget that displays messages as separate instances of QLabel
 CIniConfiguration handler
 CIniSectionINI section representation
 CIniVariableINI variable representation
 CIP2CIP to Country database handler
 CIP2CCountryInfoFlag and name of the country
 CIP2CUpdaterIP2CUpdater is responsible for downloading a new version of database from the site
 CIRCAdapterBaseProvides an unified communication interface between a client and IRC network entities
 CIRCChannelAdapterClass type that is used for conversations within a channel
 CIRCChatAdapterHandles chatting through IRC
 CIRCConfigThis Singleton holds most of Doomseeker IRC configuration in memory
 CIRCDockDockable widget designed for IRC communication
 CIRCDockTabContentsDockable widget designed for IRC communication
 CIRCNetworkAdapterInterprets communication between the client and the IRC server
 CIRCNetworkConnectionInfoStruct containing information about client's connection to the IRC server
 CIRCNetworkEntityData structure that describes and defines a connection to an IRC network or server
 CIRCPrivAdapterClass type that is used for private conversations with other users directly
 CIRCRequestParserParses request and interprets them in a way that emulates mIRC (or any even slightly sane IRC client for that matter)
 CIRCResponseParseResultResult info generated by the IRCResponseParser
 CIRCResponseTypeDefines types of IRC network response message
 CIRCSoundsPart of IRC UI package. Plays IRC related sounds
 CIRCUserInfoHolds information flags about given nickname
 CIRCUserListAllows to perform operation on a list of users
 CIRCUserPrefixOne-to-one association of visible prefixes to user mode
 CIwadAndWadsPickerDialogSimple dialog box where user can pick path to IWAD and additional game files
 CJoinCommandLineBuilderGenerates command line for joining specified server
 CJoinErrorIndicator of error for the server join process
 CLogLog manager
 CLogDockDockable widget designed for application's log presentation
 CMasterClientAbstract base for all MasterClients
 CMasterManagerManager class for a number of MasterClient instances
 CMemoryLineEditStores the input into a history that can be accessed by pressing up and down
 CMessageMessage object used to pass messages throughout the Doomseeker's system
 CPathFinderPerforms a case-insensitive (OS independent) file searches
 CPathFinderResultResult of multiple file search operation done by PathFinder
 CPlayerData structure that holds information about players in a server
 CPWadPWAD hosted on a server
 CRandomRandom values generator
 CRConProtocolRemote console protocol interface
 CScannerScanner reads scripts by checking individual tokens
 CServerA representation of a server for a given game
 CServerConnectParamsA DTO for GameClientRunner; exchanges information between main program and plugins, and allows future extensions
 CServerListFilterInfoStructure describing server filter
 CTaskbarButtonPlatform-agnostic wrapper for QWinTaskbarButton
 CTaskbarProgressPlatform-agnostic wrapper for QWinTaskbarProgress
 CTestBaseBase class for all Test classes
 CTestCoreCore for developer tests
 CTestRunsUse this class to execute test runs
 CTestUnitBaseBase class for Test Units
 CUpdatePackageFilterFilters UpdatePackage information basing on what is requested by the program
 CUpdaterScriptParserInterface to Mendeley updater .xml script files
 CUtf8SplitterSplits valid arrays of UTF-8 characters into smaller arrays without splitting in-between chars
 CVersionProvides interface for plugins and for Doomseeker itself to obtain version information on the program
 CWadPathFinderWrapper for PathFinder that specializes in findings WADs
 CWadseekerInterfaceWadseeker dialog box, only one instance is allowed