WadseekerInterface Class Reference

Wadseeker dialog box, only one instance is allowed. More...

#include <wadseekerinterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool isAutomatic ()
void setCustomSite (const QString &site)
void setWads (const QStringList &wads)
 Sets WADs to seek. More...
Wadseeker & wadseekerRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static WadseekerInterfacecreate (QWidget *parent=NULL)
static WadseekerInterfacecreate (ServerPtr server, QWidget *parent=NULL)
static bool isInstantiated ()

Detailed Description

Wadseeker dialog box, only one instance is allowed.

This is not a singleton, but create() methods will return NULL if instance is already running. There's also isInstantiated() static method available.

Definition at line 41 of file wadseekerinterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

void WadseekerInterface::setWads ( const QStringList &  wads)

Sets WADs to seek.

If window is automatic seek will start immediatelly. Otherwise WADs are inserted into the line edit.

wads- wads to seek.

Definition at line 352 of file wadseekerinterface.cpp.

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