ServerPassword Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void addServer (const ServerPasswordSummary &v)
bool isValid () const
 Password is valid if its phrase is not an empty string. More...
QString lastGame () const
ServerPasswordSummary lastServer () const
QString lastServerName () const
QDateTime lastTime () const
ServerPasswordSummary mostSimilarServer (const ServerPasswordSummary &other, float *outSimilarity=NULL) const
const QString & phrase () const
void removeServer (const QString &game, const QString &address, unsigned short port)
QVariant serializeQVariant () const
const QList
< ServerPasswordSummary > & 
servers () const
void setPhrase (const QString &v)
void setServers (const QList< ServerPasswordSummary > &v)

Static Public Member Functions

static ServerPassword deserializeQVariant (const QVariant &map)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file serverpassword.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ServerPassword::isValid ( ) const

Password is valid if its phrase is not an empty string.

Technically passwords full of whitespace are also valid.

Definition at line 42 of file serverpassword.h.

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