PlayersDiagram Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PlayersDiagram (ServerCPtr server)
QPixmap pixmap () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void loadImages (int style)

Protected Types

enum  PlayerType { Bot, Human }

Protected Member Functions

const QImage * colorizePlayer (const QImage *image, const QColor &color)
void draw ()
void drawPictures (const QImage *image, int howMany)
void drawTeam (PlayerType playerType, int team, int howMany)
void obtainPlayerNumbers ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void deleteImages ()
static bool isStyleNumberValid (int style)

Protected Attributes

int numBotsOnTeam [MAX_TEAMS]
int numBotsWithoutTeam
int numFreeJoinSlots
int numFreeSpectatorSlots
int numHumansOnTeam [MAX_TEAMS]
int numHumansWithoutTeam
int numSpectators

Static Protected Attributes

static const QImage * botImage = NULL
static const QImage * openImage = NULL
static const QImage * openSpecImage = NULL
static const QImage * playerImage = NULL
static const char * slotStyles [NUM_SLOTSTYLES] = { "marines", "blocks" }
static const QImage * spectatorImage = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file playersdiagram.h.

Member Function Documentation

const QImage * PlayersDiagram::colorizePlayer ( const QImage *  image,
const QColor &  color 

Colorizes the image to color. This works is a fairly hacky way. It colorizes cyan areas only. To detect cyan it simply checks if a red component is present. If so it is not cyan.

Colorization is done by keeping the hue and saturation if the passed in color and applying the value of the color in the image.

Definition at line 55 of file playersdiagram.cpp.

void PlayersDiagram::loadImages ( int  style)

Loads all the images used to build a diagram. Previous images will be freed. This is be used to change the diagram appearance when Configuration box indicates that such action is required.

Definition at line 178 of file playersdiagram.cpp.

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