DoomseekerConfig::WadseekerCfg Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void init (IniSection &section)
 Initializes values that are not present in the section yet. More...
void load (IniSection &section)
void save (IniSection &section)

Public Attributes

bool bSearchInIdgames
bool bSearchInWadArchive
QString colorMessageCriticalError
QString colorMessageError
QString colorMessageNotice
int connectTimeoutSeconds
int downloadTimeoutSeconds
QString idgamesURL
int maxConcurrentSiteDownloads
int maxConcurrentWadDownloads
QStringList searchURLs
QString targetDirectory

Static Public Attributes

static const QString SECTION_NAME = "Wadseeker"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 181 of file doomseekerconfig.h.

Member Function Documentation

void DoomseekerConfig::WadseekerCfg::init ( IniSection section)

Initializes values that are not present in the section yet.

All values already present are left alone.

Definition at line 600 of file doomseekerconfig.cpp.

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