DoomseekerConfig::DoomseekerCfg Class Reference

Public Member Functions

QList< ColumnSortadditionalSortColumns () const
void init (IniSection &section)
 Initializes values that are not present in the section yet. More...
void initWadAlias ()
void load (IniSection &section)
const QuerySpeedquerySpeed () const
void save (IniSection &section)
void setAdditionalSortColumns (const QList< ColumnSort > &val)
void setQuerySpeed (const QuerySpeed &val)
void setWadAliases (const QList< FileAlias > &val)
QList< FileAliaswadAliases ()
QStringList wadPathsOnly () const

Public Attributes

bool bBotsAreNotPlayers
bool bCloseToTrayIcon
bool bColorizeServerConsole
bool bDrawGridInServerTable
bool bGroupServersWithPlayersAtTheTopOfTheList
bool bHidePasswords
bool bIP2CountryAutoUpdate
bool bLookupHosts
bool bMarkServersWithBuddies
bool bQueryAutoRefreshDontIfActive
bool bQueryAutoRefreshEnabled
bool bQueryBeforeLaunch
bool bQueryOnStartup
bool bRecordDemo
bool bTellMeWhereAreTheWADsWhenIHoverCursorOverWADSColumn
QVector< BuddyInfobuddiesList
QString buddyServersColor
bool bUseTrayIcon
QVector< CustomServerInfocustomServers
QString customServersColor
unsigned ip2CountryDatabaseMaximumAge
QString ip2CountryUrl
QString localization
QByteArray mainWindowGeometry
QString mainWindowState
QString previousCreateServerConfigDir
QString previousCreateServerExecDir
QString previousCreateServerWadDir
unsigned queryAutoRefreshEverySeconds
QString serverListColumnState
int serverListSortDirection
int serverListSortIndex
int slotStyle
QList< FileSearchPathwadPaths

Static Public Attributes

static const QString SECTION_NAME

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file doomseekerconfig.h.

Member Function Documentation

void DoomseekerConfig::DoomseekerCfg::init ( IniSection section)

Initializes values that are not present in the section yet.

All values already present are left alone.

Definition at line 282 of file doomseekerconfig.cpp.

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