ColorButton Class Reference

A button widget designed to select a color. More...

#include <colorbutton.h>

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void colorUpdated (QColor oldColor, const QColor &newColor)

Public Member Functions

 ColorButton (QWidget *parent=NULL)
QString colorHtml () const
const QColor & colorQ () const
unsigned colorUnsigned () const
void setColor (unsigned colorValue)
void setColorHtml (const QString &colorHtml)

Protected Slots

void thisClicked ()

Protected Member Functions

void updateAppearance ()
void updateColor (const QColor &newColor)
 Will always emit colorUpdated() signal. More...

Protected Attributes

QColor color

Detailed Description

A button widget designed to select a color.

This will paint itself in a color it represents. Clicking this button will bring up a standard color selection dialog box. Operating this control is as easy as it gets: Just drop it inside a container and either capture colorUpdated() signals or extract the color when ready through one of the color methods.

Definition at line 37 of file colorbutton.h.

Member Function Documentation

void ColorButton::updateColor ( const QColor &  newColor)

Will always emit colorUpdated() signal.

Definition at line 77 of file colorbutton.cpp.

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