Scanner Class Reference

#include <scanner.h>

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struct  ParserState

Public Types

enum  MessageLevel { ML_ERROR, ML_WARNING, ML_NOTICE }

Public Member Functions

 Scanner (const char *data, int length=-1)
void checkForMeta ()
void checkForWhitespace ()
bool checkToken (char token)
void expandState ()
int currentLine () const
int currentLinePos () const
int currentPos () const
unsigned int currentScanPos () const
bool nextString ()
bool nextToken (bool autoExpandState=true)
void mustGetToken (char token)
void rewind ()
const char * scriptData () const
 Only can rewind one step.
void scriptMessage (MessageLevel level, const char *error,...) const
void setScriptIdentifier (const QString &ident)
int skipLine ()
bool tokensLeft ()
const ParserStateoperator* () const
const ParserStateoperator-> () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString & escape (QString &str)
static const QString & unescape (QString &str)
static void setMessageHandler (void(*handler)(MessageLevel, const char *, va_list))

Public Attributes

ParserState state

Protected Member Functions

void incrementLine ()

Detailed Description

Scanner reads scripts by checking individual tokens.


Member Function Documentation

void Scanner::checkForWhitespace (  ) 

Moves the position ahead any whitespace that there might be from the current position.

bool Scanner::checkToken ( char  token  ) 

This function will scan the next token and return if it is of the specified type. If it returns true, then the position will be moved to after the token, otherwise it will be reset.

void Scanner::expandState (  ) 

Transfers nextState over for use.

void Scanner::incrementLine (  )  [protected]

Changes the values in line and lineStart, does not change the actual scanning position in the file.

bool Scanner::nextToken ( bool  autoExpandState = true  ) 

Gets whatever token is next returning true on success.

expandState Used by checkToken, leave as true.
bool Scanner::tokensLeft (  )  [inline]

Returns true if there is still more to read.

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