ConnectionHandler Class Reference

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void finished (int response)

Public Member Functions

 ConnectionHandler (Server *server, QWidget *parent=NULL, bool handleResponse=false)
void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool checkWadseekerValidity (QWidget *parent=NULL)
static ConnectionHandlerconnectByUrl (const QUrl &url)
static bool obtainJoinCommandLine (QWidget *parent, const Server *server, CommandLineInfo &cli, const QString &errorCaption, bool managedDemo, bool *hadMissing=NULL)

Protected Slots

void checkResponse (Server *server, int response)

Protected Member Functions

void finish (int response)
void refreshToJoin ()

Member Function Documentation

bool ConnectionHandler::obtainJoinCommandLine ( QWidget *  parent,
const Server server,
CommandLineInfo cli,
const QString &  errorCaption,
bool  managedDemo,
bool *  hadMissing = NULL 
) [static]

Generates command line info for specified server.

server - command line will be generated for this server
[out] cli - generated command line
errorCaption - caption used for QMessageBox in case of an error
hadMissing - If set to a non-NULL value the pointer will be set to true if Wadseeker downloaded files.
true on success, false otherwise.

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