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EnginePlugin::Data Class Reference

#include <engineplugin.h>

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Public Attributes

const DMFlagsallDMFlags
 List of all engine's DMFlags or NULL if none.
bool allowsConnectPassword
bool allowsEmail
bool allowsJoinPassword
bool allowsMOTD
bool allowsRConPassword
bool allowsURL
QString author
QString defaultMaster
 Default port on which servers for given engine are hosted.
quint16 defaultServerPort
const QList< GameMode > * gameModes
 All available game modes for the engine or NULL if none.
const QList< GameCVar > * gameModifiers
 Returns a list of modifiers.
bool hasMasterServer
QPixmap * icon
 icon of the engine
bool inGameFileDownloads
QVector< IRCNetworkEntity > ircChannels
QString name
quint8 refreshThreshold
bool supportsRandomMapRotation
bool valid
unsigned int version

Detailed Description

Store the information about the plugin in a structure so that we can freely add features without invalidating existing plugins.

Member Data Documentation

Returns a list of modifiers.

Modifiers are used and displayed in Create Server dialog. If an empty list (or NULL) is returned, Modifier combo will be disabled.

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