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GameMode Class Reference

#include <serverstructs.h>

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Public Types

enum  StandardGameModeIndexes {
  SGMICooperative = 900, SGMIDeathmatch = 901, SGMITeamDeathmatch = 902, SGMICTF = 903,
  SGMIUnknown = 904

Public Member Functions

 GameMode (int index, const QString &name, bool teamgame)
int modeIndex () const
const QString & name () const
bool isTeamGame () const

Static Public Attributes

static const GameMode COOPERATIVE
static const GameMode DEATHMATCH
static const GameMode TEAM_DEATHMATCH
static const GameMode CAPTURE_THE_FLAG
static const GameMode UNKNOWN

Protected Attributes

int gameModeIndex
QString modeName
bool teamgame

Detailed Description

Data structure that holds information about a servers game mode.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GameMode::GameMode ( int  index,
const QString &  name,
bool  teamgame 
nameName to display for game mode, this should be fairly short about no longer than "cooperative".

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