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Strings Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static QString combinePaths (QString pathFront, QString pathEnd)
static QString createRandomAlphaNumericString (unsigned numChars)
 Creates a random string with specified length.
static QString createRandomAlphaNumericStringWithNewLines (unsigned numCharsPerLine, unsigned numLines)
static const QString & escape (QString &str)
 Adds escape characters to a string.
static QString formatDataAmount (qint64 bytes)
 Similar to formatDataSpeed().
static QString formatDataSpeed (float speedInBytesPerSecond)
 Formats a numerical speed value into a string.
static QString formatTime (float seconds)
 Formats a numerical time value into a string.
static bool isCharOnCharList (char c, const QString &charList)
static QString normalizePath (QString path)
 Creates a clean path.
static void translateServerAddress (const QString &addressString, QString &hostname, unsigned short &port, const QString &defaultAddress)
 Translates string in format "hostname:port" to atomic values.
static const QString & unescape (QString &str)
static bool isUrlSafe (const QString &url)
 Unsafe URLs begin with file:// and this functions returns false for such URLs.
static QString timestamp (const QString &format)
static QString & trim (QString &str, const QString &charList)
static QString & trimr (QString &str, const QString &charList)
static QString & triml (QString &str, const QString &charList)
static QString wrapUrlsWithHtmlATags (const QString &str)
 Detects all links within a given string and wraps them in <a href> tags.

Protected Types

enum  DataUnit { Byte = 0, Kilobyte = 1, Megabyte = 2, Gigabyte = 3 }

Static Protected Member Functions

static float scaleDataUnit (float bytes, DataUnit &outUnit)

Static Protected Attributes

static const unsigned RANDOM_CHAR_POOL_SIZE = 36

Member Function Documentation

QString Strings::combinePaths ( QString  pathFront,
QString  pathEnd 
) [static]

Combines two strings into single path making sure there are no redundant slahes/backslashes present. Paths will be combined using backslash ('\') on Windows systems and slash ('/') on non-Windows systems. Example:

 QString pathBase = "C:\\games\\";
 QString pathSuffix = "\\doom\\doom.exe";
 QString fullPath = Strings::combinePaths(pathBase, pathSuffix);
 printf("%s\n", fullPath.toAscii().constData());
 // Output: "C:/games/doom/doom.exe"
pathFront- base path
pathEnd- part of the path that will be appended
A string containing combined paths.
QString Strings::createRandomAlphaNumericString ( unsigned  numChars) [static]

Creates a random string with specified length.

The created string consists of lowercase letters and digits.

QString Strings::formatDataAmount ( qint64  bytes) [static]

Similar to formatDataSpeed().

The only difference is the unit type appended to the end of the returned string.

QString Strings::formatDataSpeed ( float  speedInBytesPerSecond) [static]

Formats a numerical speed value into a string.

This expects the parameter to represent speed in bytes per second. Data will be formatted into human readable format, ie. if speed is high enough it will be translated into kilobytes per second or megabytes per second. Also a string representing the type of value is appended: MB/s, kB/s or B/s.

QString Strings::formatTime ( float  seconds) [static]

Formats a numerical time value into a string.

Parameter is expected to be an amount of seconds. Output is transformed into a number of hours, minutes and seconds. The function will always try to generate the shortest possible string, ie. there will be no hour information if seconds parameter is smaller than 3600. The same goes for minutes. Factorial part in the parameter represents miliseconds and is always rounded up to a full second.

bool Strings::isUrlSafe ( const QString &  url) [static]

Unsafe URLs begin with file:// and this functions returns false for such URLs.

Someone might prepare such URL to make Doomseeker activate files on user's local drive and possibly cause damage to the system.

QString Strings::normalizePath ( QString  path) [static]

Creates a clean path.

Calls both QDir::fromNativeSeparators() and QDir::cleanPath(). The returned string will have only '/' separators, no '.' or '..' markers and no double separators.

void Strings::translateServerAddress ( const QString &  addressString,
QString &  hostname,
unsigned short &  port,
const QString &  defaultAddress 
) [static]

Translates string in format "hostname:port" to atomic values.

addressString- string to be translated.
[out]hostname- hostname output.
[out]port- port output.
defaultHostname- default hostname to use if translation fails.
defaultPort- default port to use if translation fails or no port inside addressString is specified.
QString Strings::wrapUrlsWithHtmlATags ( const QString &  str) [static]

Detects all links within a given string and wraps them in <a href> tags.

Valid URLs are found by seeking continuous no-whitespace substrings starting either with http://, ftp:// or REGEX: www\..*+

Member Data Documentation

const char Strings::RANDOM_CHAR_POOL [static, protected]
Initial value:
        'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 'g',
        'h', 'i', 'j', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n',
        'o', 'p', 'q', 'r', 's', 't', 'u',
        'v', 'w', 'x', 'y', 'z', '0', '1',
        '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8',

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