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class  Plugin

Public Member Functions

 PluginLoader (unsigned int type, const QStringList &baseDirectories, const char *directory, int directoryLength=-1)
void clearPlugins ()
void initConfig ()
const unsigned int numPlugins () const
int pluginIndexFromName (const QString &name) const
void resetPluginsDirectory (const QString &pluginsDirectory)
const Pluginoperator[] (unsigned int index) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PluginLoader::PluginLoader ( unsigned int  type,
const QStringList &  baseDirectories,
const char *  directory,
int  directoryLength = -1 

Gathers information about plugins in a particular directory.

directoryLengthlength of the directory argument. You do not need to supply if directory is NULL terminated.

Member Function Documentation

void PluginLoader::clearPlugins ( )

Clears the plugins list

void PluginLoader::initConfig ( )

Inits configuration for plugins.

const unsigned int PluginLoader::numPlugins ( ) const

Gets the number of loaded plugins. It will return 0 in safe mode.

const PluginLoader::Plugin * PluginLoader::operator[] ( unsigned int  index) const

Returns the requested plugin or NULL.

int PluginLoader::pluginIndexFromName ( const QString &  name) const

Looks for a plugin which info::name equals to parameter.

name- name to look for.
index of found plugin in the plugin array, or -1 if not found.
void PluginLoader::resetPluginsDirectory ( const QString &  pluginsDirectory)

Resets the plugins directory, clearing the loaded plugins and getting new loaded plugins in the process.

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