Public Member Functions
PlayersList Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void bots (PlayersList &botsList) const
 Lists all bots regardless if they are on a team or not.
void botsWithoutTeam (PlayersList &botsList) const
 Lists only those bots that are not on a team.
int numBots () const
int numBotsOnTeam (int team) const
int numBotsWithoutTeam () const
int numClients () const
 Overall number of people and bots on the server.
int numClientsWithoutBots () const
int numHumansInGame () const
int numHumansOnTeam (int team) const
int numHumansWithoutTeam () const
int numPlayersOnTeam (int team) const
int numSpectators () const
void inGamePlayersByTeams (QMap< PairPlayersByTeams > &playersListMap) const
 Divides players and bots to lists ordered by teams.
void spectators (PlayersList &spectatorsList) const

Member Function Documentation

void PlayersList::inGamePlayersByTeams ( QMap< PairPlayersByTeams > &  playersListMap) const

Divides players and bots to lists ordered by teams.

Bots that are not assigned to teams will not be listed here. To get them use botsWithoutTeam() method.

playersListMap[out] - New PlayersList objects will be stored in this map.

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