IRCConfigurationDialog Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 IRCConfigurationDialog (QWidget *parent=NULL)
void initOptionsList ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConfigurationDialog
 ConfigurationDialog (QWidget *parent=NULL)
virtual QStandardItem * addConfigurationBox (QStandardItem *rootItem, ConfigurationBaseBox *pConfigurationBox, int position=-1)
 Adds a new configuration box to the options tree view. More...
QStandardItem * addLabel (QStandardItem *rootItem, const QString &label, int position=-1)
 Adds a label node to the options tree view. More...
bool isConfigurationBoxOnTheList (ConfigurationBaseBox *pConfigurationBox)

Protected Member Functions

void doSaveSettings ()
bool isNetworkAutojoinEnabled ()
bool validate ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConfigurationDialog
bool canConfigurationBoxBeAddedToList (ConfigurationBaseBox *pConfigurationBox)
bool isConfigurationBoxInfoValid (ConfigurationBaseBox *pConfigurationBox)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
QTreeView * optionsTree ()
 Returns pointer to the tree widget that contains configuration sections list. More...
void saveSettings ()
void showConfigurationBox (ConfigurationBaseBox *widget)
void switchToItem (const QModelIndex &)

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Slots inherited from ConfigurationDialog
void btnClicked (QAbstractButton *button)
void onOptionListCurrentChanged (const QModelIndex &current, const QModelIndex &previous)

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